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The last years we have wrote three different books. A book about the Dovaz Collection, one about special car cemetries and one about special car collections in Holland and Belgium. The book about the Dovaz Collection is available since 21 november 2008 and is translated in English, German and French language. Our work about the special car cemetries is available since 28 octobre 2011 and the book about special car collections in Holland and Belgium is avalaible since 21 june 2013. If you want to have more information about the books or want to order, click on the pictures.

Book about special car collections in Holland and Belgium


Bijzondere Mensen - Autocollecties - Verhalen (Dutch Language)

Our book about special car cemetries in Europe

Bijzondere Autokerkhoven (Dutch Language)

 Our books about the Dovaz Collection

Het lot van de Slapende schoonheden

Het lot van de Slapende Schoonheden (Dutch Language)


Les destin des beautés Endormies (French Language)


The Fate of the Sleeping Beauties (English Language)



Schlafende Auto Schönheiten wachgeküsst (German Language)

New Project

At the moment we are investigating the Schlumpf case and we are writing a book about it in the same way as we did it in our book about the Dovaz Collection. At first the real history followed by description of several cars. We have planned to finish it in the middle of 2016.