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Yesterday day we've visited Interclassics Maastricht 2018 at the MECC. We've photographed some fabulous cars during this great show. Please find the pictures on "Interclassics 2018" or through the following link: Interclassics 2018


Today we've had a great bookpresentation for our new book "Schlumpf, de affaire achter de mooiste autocollectie ter wereld at "The Gallery Aaldering" in Brummen (The Netherlands)

For pictures please take a look at the slideshow.




We've great news regarding our new book about the Schlumpf affair. The Dutch version will be published before the end of 2017 end we're trying to publish the English, German and French versions at the beginning of 2018.


The book can already be pre-ordered through the following link:



Today we've visited the Concours d'Elegance at Palace "het loo" in Apeldoorn (The Netherlands). We've added some pictures on this website. For pictures please click here.


This week the Photo exhibition "De ontmoeting" (The Meeting) has ended. For anyone who is interested: we're offering the pictures (with frames) against competitive prices. Please find all the pictures that we're offering with sizes and prices under "Photo's for sale"on the left: or click here.

If you're interested, don't hesitate to contact me through an email:



Last wednesday (17th of February) the exposition "De ontmoeting" ("The meeting") has started at "The Gallery" in Brummen (The Netherlands).

If you're curious, feel free to take a look!









From the 17th of February until the 29th of march 2016 we'll present some of our pictures during an exhibition at "The Gallery" at Brummen (the Netherlands).

At this exhibition we'll present pictures that we've made during our work in the oldtimer scene.

If you have any questions about this, don't hesitate to contact us.




Last friday we've visited the Retromobile in Paris. To see some pictures we've made, please click at the link at the left.


We are very proud to bring the following news to you:


Our first book "Het lot van de Slapende Schoonheden" (Dutch version of "The Fate of The sleeping Beauties") will be published for the second time in Holland.

This 2nd print will be available at the 31th of Oktober this year.

You can make a reservation on the following site:




Today we were on Dutch television to talk about our new book:




Last week we have published our new book "Bijzondere Mensen-Autocollecties-Verhalen". This book is about eight car collectors in the Netherlands and one from Belgium.


You can find the pictures of our presentation here.


Today we have visited the Concours d´Elegance at `Paleis het Loo` Apeldoorn. You can find the pictures here.


Yesterday our book Bijzondere autokerkhoven is published. The first books were handed out by ministre Schulz-van Haege and were going to Jaap Braam Ruben (Fine automobiles) and Ray Uiterwaal (Vice-president of the KNAC). We are very proud that this book is published. You can find the pictures of the presentation in the Louwman Museum here.




The cover of our new book Bijzondere autokerkhoven is ready!

The book will be available at the begining of november this year in Dutch language.



Our new book about special car cemetries in Europe will be available in november this year. But you can allready pre-order it by the some online bookstores.



This summer we have visited a car museum in Malaga. This museum was really amazing, a fantastic collection. You can find the pictures left by museums.


Yesterday we have visited the dutch television. We were invited to tell the story behind our new book about special car cemetries.

 Tv Gelderland: Hallo?! 20th of may 2011.



Last week we have visited the car cemetery. You can find the pictures here.


The book "The fate of the Sleeping Beauties" will be published in French language. The publisher of this book is "Editions Palmier".

"Les destin des Beautés Endormies" is the title of this book. It will be available by the end of may.



The price will be €25,-


For our new book about special car graveyards in Europe we have visited Kaufdorf, Switzerland. You can see some of the pictures under the link "Kaufdorf".


 Our Co-author Kay Hottendorff has promoted our English  book "The Fate of the Sleeping Beauties" in Jay Leno's Book Club.


Our english publisher Veloce has made a video that tells the story behind the book "The fate of the Sleeping Beauties"





Yesterday we have visite Michel Dovaz in Paris to give him the first official example of "The Fate of the Sleeping Beauties".

Monsieur Dovaz is very content with the book.



Sleeping Beauties in "the Telegraph"

"The fate of the Sleeping Beauties" is number 2 in "The Telegraph's" festive gift ideas!


Photo: Veloce News Blog


Today we had our first international lecture about barnfinds. We held our lecture at Kasterlee (Belgium) for the Jaguar Driver's Club Belgium.



Tonight Jay Leno's had called us and he thinks "The fate of the sleeping beauties" is a terrific book!


There is an interesting discussion going on about the true identity of the Bugatti T43 "#43186"and the stolen Bugatti T43 #43158 from Michel Dovaz. The Bugatti T43 #43158 was stolen from Michel Dovaz in 1975. And article in the Retrovisuer conclude that there is a relation between both T43.

If you want to read more about this Bugatti please take a look at the following link or the discussion on the Bugattibuilder-forum.


From now on our English book "The fate of the sleeping beauties" is available.

Information about this book by Veloce.

You can order this book by amazon or veloce:


And off course at a lot of different book shops!


Last week we have visited the new museum of the Louwman Collection in Den Haag (Netherlands). You can find the pictures by the topic museum. There are also pictures of the Automobilmuseum in Stainz (Austria).


28th march 2010 the french newspaper "L'alsace" had placed an article about the "Schlumpf affair" written by Ard and Arnoud op de Weegh.,208/Fritz-Schlumpf-voulait-il-vendre-sa-collection-pour-sauver-ses-usines.html


Saturday 20th of march we have visited "The British cars and Lifestyle beurs" in Rosmalen, Netherlands. Pictures


Fritz Schlumpf tried to save his factories in 1976 by selling (a part of) his collection to Tom Wheatcroft. There was a witness at the negotiations.  The transaction didn’t take place, because the French Government forbid it. Now it seems, that not the Schlumpfs were to blame for the bankrupt, but the French authorities. There were two victims: the Schlumpfs and the 2000 workers. The whole shocking truth in our new book, that has to come.


On the Swiss TV and on the German channel Vox there was in january 2010 a documentary with Michel Dovaz and Ard and Arnoud op de Weegh. The famous Dovaz Collection is a hot issue in this documentary.

For more information please look at this site.


2 weeks ago we have visited a car collector in Gelderland (Holland). This man collect British cars. Take a look at English Car Col.


In November 2009 we have visited a dutch car-collector in Brabant, Holland. You can see the pictures by Dutch car collection.


Last saturday we have visited the Interclassic and Topmobiel 2010 (MECC Maastricht). For pictures take a look at: MECC 2010


The Fate of the Sleeping Beauties is on the site of Veloce Publishing since a couple of days.

You can order the book allready on


Ard and Arnoud op de Weegh had start to go to classic car clubs to tell carlovers about barnfinds. Untill now it's really a succes. They have visited allready:






Oldtimervrienden Weert


Oldtimerclub Culemborg


Historische Voertuigen Voorne Putten


Westlandse oldtimerclub "Het Barrel"


And they hope they can contact a lot of other clubs and tell their story there. See Lecture Barnfinds for some pictures











Oldtimervrienden Weert

Oldtimerclub Culemborg

Historische Voertuigen Voorne Putten

Westlandse oldtimerclub "Het Barrel"

And they hope they can contact a lot of other clubs and tell their story there. See Lecture Barnfinds for some pictures.


Two of the cars from the malmerspach collection are allready in the museum of the Peter Mullin Automotive foundation.  The blue Bugatti T40 was also standing on the concours D'elegance at Pebble Beach 2009.


One of the Malmerspach cars is on his way to get in a concours D'Elegance condition. The lancia Dilambda chassisnumber  #27306 is now in Holland. For more information: Malmerspach cars


"Het lot van de slapende schoonheden" will be published by the english publisher Veloce and will be in the stores in 2010!

If you have already decided to buy the book, you can mail and then we'll put you on the list.


Ard and Arnoud op de Weegh are busy writing the book about the Schlumpf affaire. If you have information about this affaire that is usefull please contact them. Everything is welcome!


 Bugatti-Find in Lago Maggiore!

A couple of days ago a Bugatti T22 Brescia is discovered in the lake Lago Maggiore.

This Bugatti is been retrieved after 70 years!



New website!

This website is a joint effort of Ard and Arnoud op de Weegh, writers of "The fate of the Sleeping Beauties" and Herman Brouwer, editor of and
In recent times quite a few classic cars have been stolen, and this website is an effort to trace these cars and bring them back to the owners. Please visit where the process is explained.

This site will go live in about a week time, but already there is the opportunity to subscribe to the mailinglist.


Bugatti T57 Ventoux ex Dovaz Collection for sale!

More info: cars for sale.


We have published an article about the "Malmerspach Collection" in Automobile Quarterly.

VOL 48-4

More info: Schlumpf AQ on the left side. 





7-2-2009 Paris,  retromobile.

A great barnfild will be auctioned. The Bugatti T57S Atalante #57502.

 The car has droven only 42000 km!

Soon there will be pictures of the auction of this car on the website


Our book is in the stores for almost 2 months now. We're getting very nice reactions from the readers. We thank them. It has been a pleasure writing this book!

Some articles about "Het lot van de slapende schoonheden":

"De Telegraaf"




"Classic car garage"


"The Bugattipage"